The Company

Rhein Lighting GmbH is a professional LED lighting manufacturer based in Troisdorf, Germany.
We offer our customers LED lighting products, lighting management systems and lighting solutions. Through optimized production models, good service and high quality products, our LED lighting products are much recognized by customers.

We sell our lighting products in Germany, Great Britain, Denmark, Norway, Switzerland, Sweden, France, Netherlands, USA, Canada, Japan, South Korea, Singapore and other countries and regions.

To expand the scale of development of the company, Rhein Lighting GmbH has built its own 10000 square meter manufacturing unit in Guangdong, China, a so-called „world of lights“ city.

With a strong research and development team Rhein Lighting GmbH provides our customers with energy efficient lighting products and the most advanced LED technology.

Rhein Lighting GmbH, with the help from our experienced engineers, is able to influence the entire manufacturing process to design individual LED lighting solutions. Using ‘DIALux’, a LED lighting design programme, we can plan, calculate and visualize your lighting solutions professionally. Extensive consulting and good planning are fundamental components for us to be able to make a firm offer. Customer satisfaction is very important to us. That’s why you will receive our LED lighting products tailored specifically to your requirements.

In order to provide you with high quality products and comprehensive customer service, ‘Rhein Lighting GmbH’ accompanies you from pre-sales to after-sales process with full technical support.

Rhein Lighting GmbH

Magdalenenstrasse 23
53842 Troisdorf

+49 (0) 2241-944-8605
+49 (0) 2241-944-8606

Showroom France

2 Rue de Montauron
49730 Varennes sur Loire

Directeur Commercial: Mike Wilke
Phone: +33 241 510868